Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tentang relationship…dan bersyukur.

Hari ini gw pergi buka bareng (berhubung lagi bulan puasa) dua makhluk antik yang gw temukan waktu jaman smp. Good friend, good food, good shisha. Hal yang susah dicari di negri orang jauh dari rumah.

Dari seluruh percakapan tolol yang super menghibur dari sore sampe malem ada satu topik yang ngingetin gw klo se-fucked up apapun rasanya idup gw disini, banyak banget yang bisa gw syukurin. Banyak banget yang gw punya dan orang lain gak punya.

satu yang bikin gw gak bisa berenti mikir sampe skr:
“lo tau gak sih apa yang paling enak dari pacaran sama ratih? Hubungannya berkembang. Kerasa banget bedanya gimana kita berantem, gimana kita ngadepin masalah, gimana kita ngadepin satu sama lain. Dari meledak-meledak bias jadi lebih sabar, lebih ngehargain.”

Kalimatnya simpel. Tapi gw kaget sendiri abis ngomong gitu. Gw kaya ketampar (in a very good way). Gw sadar gw harusnya bersyukur banget punya hubungan kaya gini, punya pacar kaya gini. Dan gw juga sadar gw harus bersyukur karna gw bisa jadi diri gw yang sekarang. Karna itu gak gampang, ngelewatin banyak pengorbanan sama pelajaran. Yang penting juga, gak semua orang bisa ngerasain apa yang gw rasain.

Intinya, buat siapapun yang baca ini. Coba deh lo berenti sebentar, coba liat idup lo dari prespektif yang beda. Liat apa yang ada di sekitar lo, lingkungan lo, idup lo. Apa yang udah jadi bagian kehidupan lo sehari-hari, yang mungkin lo udah gak notice lg, mungkin bisa ada di idup lo setelah ngelewatin prose’s yang panjang dan pengorbanan yang gak dikit. Coba nikmatin dengan lo syukurin itu semua. Gw yakin orang di sekitar lo bakal seneng banget kalo lo bersyukur mereka ada di idup lo. Jadi jangan sia-sia in.

Dan buat RATIH LARASATI (berhubung orangnya udah tidur dan sepertinya agak bt sm gw), aku minta maaf yah rat masih suka bikin kmu sebel. Masih suka berantem sama kmu gak mau ngalah dan masih banyak kurang-kurangnya aku. Aku sayang banget sama kmu. Aku bersyukur banget punya kamu dari kita pertama kenal sampe skr. Aku bersyukur punya hubungan ini, ngejalanin hubungan ini sama kmu. Aku juga mau bilang makasih for sticking around, makasih buat effort nya ngejalanin ini sama aku. And most importantly, thanks for growing up with me and make me who I am today. I know grow up sucks, but going through it with you is definitely worth it.

P.S.: pada nanyain tuh kita jadiannya dari kapan.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

self reflect

due to recent event, i'd like to share some thought. well its more like talking to my self actually.

i wont tell you what's the event that drives to this post.but here's what i learn so far.
we tend to underestimate(if not forgetting) the power of positive thinking. when things go bad we take actions,saying stuff as if every other facts doesn't seems like its always been bad and never did any good to us.we make it a reason to hurt others.feels like the only solution is to scream.shout,shuts off, or walk away.and i think i did that too many times.

im not a positive person my self but for the past few months im trying to be more positive. im trying to look behind the tying to look for more than what it seems.somebody once said to me:

"you're mad and it seems like shit.take time and look for the good pretty sure you're have a long list of bad stuffs.but think about this,is that list really how it is or just one side of the story?you dont wanna make wrong decision based on the wrong judgement from half the facts..remember the good stuff.bad things are evrywhere but good stuff is what keeping you from making decision you'll regret."

at first,i didn't agree with this saying.what if the good stuff keeps you trapped in the situation you shoud've just get out from.what if the good stuff is an ancient fact that has changed.but then i realize its not the point. seeing the good stuff is to make sure whatever decisions,words,actions you take is the right one.looking for good stuff is for you to see the whole problem.because a judgement ths is based on what you;re only half understar is never good.

so i try to to look for the's not fact,its really really hard.but i dont want to make a wrong decision for something important.and my father once said its whats the difference between a little boy and a make decision based on whats fact. i once said to someone i hate 'when you make desicions,think about what youll lose instead of what youll get'. now i know more than ever that it's true.

so far i think the effect is good.i cant say i've done it right but im trying and it gives me calm.seing things entirely(and posiviely) makes me think clearer.hopefully i can solve the problem and eventually this kind of thinking can make me a better person.

wish me luck!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

tribute to ARMOR FOR SLEEP

another great loss, this is taken from ARMOR FOR SLEEP myspace blog:

 Thursday, October 29, 2009
so long, and thanks for all the fish!

it's been a little over a year since our last tour and some of you out there have kind of figured out whats been going on with us. we never wanted to burden you all with a formal announcement of any kind and cause some type of commotion- we just thought it would be better to kind of drift away nice and easy… i am writing this strictly speaking for myself and i honestly don't really know how pj anthony and nash will react to me being the one to write this, but i feel like it should come from me because ultimately it was me who decided it was best to leave things where they were. to me a song is like a snapshot of a moment, real or made-up, and the band that takes that snapshot is like a camera. i was really happy and proud of the pictures that came out of our little camera, but i would have much rather put in on a shelf for me and all of us to look at with fond memories than to feel this intense need to make it take high-def panoramic mosaics when maybe it was constructed to handle polaroid film. it's as simple as that. i guess someone could examine our inter-personal relationships and weird habits and attribute them to the reason for this decision, but we were like brothers and no clash was ever too great to slow us down. i hope that time won't obscure that fact…i know it won't for me. that being said, i think the real and only reason i am writing this is for you who have been fans of armor for sleep. even though it hasn't been a secret that we are not working on an album or touring, it has felt really weird to not come out and say that the needles been lifted from the record. you have always been so amazing to us and i know through all of our fancy little internet avenues we will always be able/willing/not creeped out/ to talk about life, death, armor tabliture, the needler, whatever your little hearts desire. pj anthony and nash are all amazing people who i've witnessed first hand probably more than anyone in the world as being super talented at whatever they do and i know whatever they choose to do will be amazing. i know you'll have their backs just as i will. as for me, i have been hard at work cooking something up. i have a new camera. i never like to blab about stuff until its ready and for this reason i wasn't giving play by play updates when it was still in its complete infancy…but i will get into it more very soon. i'm really excited, and for me as someone who has been working a long time at the art of writing songs and having these weird visions about how i see a band being presented, i feel like i've put lots of pieces together from the terabytes worth of experiences i've lived through…i know some people will probably always want to hear dream to make believe or something no matter what i'm doing, which is fine, but time is an arrow and i'm not going to try and argue with that…i know i will always  be myself and no matter what camera i'm behind i know you'll always recognize the hands holding it. thank you to everyone who's been supportive and listened to anything i've been  a part of in any facet. i can't wait to tell you more about things to come. Check back in about a week for something new…

for those who know me, im sure you all know how i like this band. armor for sleep is another great influence in my life. if they make movie about me armorforsleep, copeland, mae, sherwood, and the graduate will definitely be in the soundtrack. i listend to AFS long before mae,i think it was the end of 2003. but i cant be sure, its been countless time i listen to their record. now that their broke up, its such a great loss..first copeland, then armor for friend said 'music die in 2009'

so if you read my last post you probably know that i'm posting lyrics from copeland to honor them because they just broke up. so there's change of plan due to another great loss.these 30 days i will be posting lyrics either from COPELAND or ARMOR FOR SLEEP...

goodluck guys,please make another great music.ARMOR FOR SLEEP will always be one of my favorite band..

'don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die'
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Friday, October 30, 2009

tribute to COPELAND

29th of october this note was released from copeland facebook page:

Dear friends,

We have come to an extremely difficult decision. It has come time for us to move on from Copeland and follow other paths in our lives. We are absolutely grateful to have been able to make music for as long as we have. In the last 9 years we've been able to see parts of the world that we never dreamt we would see. We have shared the stage and built friendships with immensely talented artists. We've been afforded the opportunity to make 4 records that we're extremely proud of. Most of all, we feel honored that people have cared so much for our band and for our art. We appreciate every listener who has allowed our music to be a part of their lives. We want to offer our deepest thanks to every individual who has supported us on this ride. It has profoundly impacted our lives.

To put your minds at ease, we assure you this is not a bitter break up. We all individually feel Copeland has run its course in our lives and it’s time for us to pursue what is next. We couldn’t end things without a proper goodbye, so we are planning a final farewell tour in the US this coming Spring, as well as one final jaunt around the world to some of our favorite countries. We are really excited about seeing you all one more time, and we hope it turns out to be the best Copeland tour ever.

It has been discussed and we are not ruling out the possibility of recording one more album sometime in the future. However, this spring tour will be our last.

From the bottom of hearts, thank you for all of your love and support.

Aaron, Bryan, Jon & Stephen

COPELAND is one of my all time favorite band. i really want to catch them live and now they're breaking up. this is so sad to be honest. thinking back to the old days the first time i got their song. copeland has such a strong influence to me trough through music and lyric. i remember all those times i listen to them in my car while driving..

but anyway, i wish them good luck for what ever in front of them. and im looking forward to see their next project. i really hope whatever it is, its going to be as great as copeland. but copeland will always stays one of my all time favorite and dream concert line up..

so to honor them, from this day on i will post their song title/lyric in my facebook status every night for 30 days..

i wish you guys all the luck. and even tough this is such a sad ending i hope this can be a good start for something else..may copeland lives forever through their songs and those whose live influenced by them..
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Friday, October 16, 2009

playground and workstation

so you guys probably know that i have some kind of addiction with computer (who doeasnt'?). computer is my entertainment and yet it's where i work, do my assignmnets, some projects and other stuff..okay i'm not going to talk about that right now..

two days ago my mom asked me how i arrange all my tools (20" iMac, 13" MacBook white, Logitech V470 cordless mouse, and wacom Intuos4 medium size) in my insanely small single room at desaria villa condo A-09-10 (yeeah!). so here it goes how it looks like...(click for full view)

lets start with play ground!

this is how it looks like from my bed. all of this is on the side of my bed so this is the first thing i see everytime i open my eyes in the morning.

another view from higher angle.

now this is the work station!



so thats my playground and workstation..

Monday, October 12, 2009


okay, heres the thing. i woke up this morning, turning on my iTunes trying to find songs to listen to this whole day (i have no clas today yeeeaaaaay!). then i realize im so damn bored. and since there's nothing much of good stuff from my resources (oh yeah i like to download stuff from web. blame Mtv for playing garbage instead of provides us with good music.besides, do you know pracy prevents global warming?when you download songs you reduce the waste of producing cd!). so i tried a different things, covers.

do you know how many covers in youtube? let's admit it most of them sucks.but not all of them. can you imagine how many talented people who have no money to go major, or producing demo and stuff? how many music-genius just want to stay untouched by the industry so they can make their music freely?or some people who just great?

okay so i go search on youtube, now lets pretend im a bilionare who wants to save the world from Mtv and their suck music invasion. i going to choose these two artists (so far,i think i'll do some more searcing). i think they're going to be great. people will like them and they're going to sell. they have the looks and the talent. i dont mind good looking musician. it's not wrong if you're good looking as long as you got the talent. what's wrong is if you're a singer and the only things you sell is your face, body, and what you're wearing. now i;d like to introduce them to you guys..

here it goes..

okay,thats from me.let me know what you guys think..and if you know more good cover artist please let me know...

Friday, October 9, 2009

some will seek forgiveness,others escape

its a song by underOath, i don't know about the lyrics but the title is the first thing i remember after i finished watching this video. and i have to say this video really moves me.

please reflect this video with your life.too many times we say things that hurt those we care the most. too many times we make mistakes. and yet it's too hard to say the words like 'im sorry'. how many times we feel like 'i just can't forgive'. it seems forgiveness has lost its meaning. forgiving is one of the hardest thing to do. it is a big word and its never lost its meaning.

it's us who lost the meaning of 'forgive'.
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